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is the most powerful WEAPON we can use to change the WORLD.

- Nelson Mandela

Lehron ke saath toh koi bhi

tair leta hai; par asli insaan woh hai joh lehron ko cheerkar aage badta hai.....

not a privilege
and let LIVE

All the science is physics

or stamp collection.

Every lecture is

the result of hours of hard work!

Ramban is

Uniquely portable magic.

“रुक जाना नहीं तू कहीं हार के काँटों पे चलके मिलेंगे साये बहार के ओ राही, ओ राही... .”

Together we thrive achievements

“A little progress each day adds up to big results.” Don’t expect that you’ll be able to take in everything yourself. Learning physics is a journey. Give yourself the time at Anurag Tyagi Classes to take small steps and divide big topics into smaller chunks. You’ll learn something new every day, which means you’re making progress every day.

“You can’t have a better result tomorrow if you’re still thinking about joining ATC .”


Physics is the

belief that a

simple and



of nature is


Have some questions?

Is Anurag Tyagi Classes Online or Offline?

Coaching at Anurag Tyagi Classes is available Online and Offline both as well as students can study in hybrid mode also.

How do Anurag Tyagi Sir teach in Online Class?

Anurag Tyagi Sir teaches students online on zoom app using Mac Book and I Pad for best experience of students. The online classes are a wholesome classroom experience with individual attention given to each student.

How can I get Rambaan Guess Paper?

Guess Paper will be available before exam subject wise. You can also Pre book your guess paper now at 30% discount from ATC store.

Where is Anurag Tyagi Classes?

Anurag Tyagi Classes is located at 10-D 169 Vasundhara, Ghaziabad where Anurag Tyagi Sir teaches his students with passion and love.

How should I buy Rambaan Notes?

Please visit the ATC Store and choose all the notes you wish to buy in cart. At last you can make payment to get notes.

How to study free from Anurag Sir?

Students can study free from Anurag Sir from his YouTube Channel for Class 11, 12, JEE, NEET and CUET Physics. Also free notes are available here at website and telegram channel.